The Soul of our Firm, to spread a consciously sophisticated identity, to those who recognizes personality in a blend of simple yet sophisticated signs, a mix of elements coming from different eras, surfaces and materials transmit soul and taste, finding in simple shapes and matter essential elements for domestic spaces and rejecting signs of exhibitionism and annoying displays.

A Path that crosses architecture and art, design and matter, style and communication, a versatile set of skills acquired through multiple experiences in different field both domestically and internationally, by the personalitis who live the firm, directly and undirectly, bringing along continuous and new contaminations to create a residential language always contemporary and never predictable.



Enrico Guazzi-Owner/interior designer
Andrea Rovatti-UNOC owner/general contractor
Michelina Mottolese-MMID owner-Interior designer
Cristina Barracca-office and contract projects



Alessandro Marchesini-architect
Martina Gualdi-architect
Giulia Salamone-architect
Elena Lasagni-designer
Lorenzo Mazza-eingineer
Alberto E. Grassigli-web design and comunication
Silvia L.-graphic and comunication
Licia Corsini-fabric projects

In Progress

- gvb villa (summer 2014)
- esg apartment (fall 2014)
- gfg apartment ( spring 2014)
- msz house ( spring 2014)
- dc shop (spring 2014)
- mg penthouse (spring 2015)
- rg penthouse (spring 2015)
- nac villa ( spring 2015)
- alq villa (fall 2014)
- np shop (fall 2014)
- mq apartment (summer 2014)



- architecture
- interior design
- industrial design
- lighting studio
- landscape architecture
- web design
- graphic and comunication


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Interior Design
Interior Design

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